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Garden/Green Rubbish Collection Melbourne

Hard Rubbish 2 Go is the leading Melbourne garden rubbish collection company for a reason. We are the best at what we do.

Garden Hard Rubbish, also referred to as green waste, is biodegradable waste, meaning that it decomposes over time with the help of bacteria. More often than not, garden hard rubbish can be turned into fertilizers essential for farming. During decomposition, garden hard rubbish releases methane which is harmful to the environment, and this is why it should be handled with care and priority during disposal.

Garden Hard Rubbish includes flower cuttings, grass, yard clippings, shrub, woodchips, hedge trimmings, bark, fallen leaves, weeds, fallen branches, and commercial and domestic food waste.

Is Garden Hard Rubbish Harmful to the Environment?

Studies have shown that about 400kg of green waste is produced every year from each household in Australia. Unrecycled garden waste releases methane gas, which is harmful to the environment and responsible for global warming. The effects of global warming and environmental degradation are detrimental to human beings and animals.

Additionally, when garden hard rubbish is poorly disposed of, it increases the risk of causing fires. This is because it dries up during decomposition; it becomes latent fuel, especially when it mixes with remains around it.

Efficient Garden Rubbish Removal

Poor disposal of garden hard rubbish can also tamper with the water drainage structure. For instance, kitchen sinks often get clogged because of accumulated food particles and green waste. Drainages can also be obstructed by fallen leaves and lawn clippings that eventually lead to blocked waterways and possible flooding.

Most importantly, when garden waste is not properly removed and disposed of, it severely affects the aesthetics of your home or business environment. This can affect the quality of life for people working or living in such spaces.

Where to Find Reliable Garden Hard Rubbish Collection

If you search for a reliable garden hard rubbish collection company in Melbourne, then Hard Rubbish 2 Go is your best bet. With a wealth of experience in hard rubbish collection and disposal, we are committed to ensuring that all hard rubbish is safely removed, leaving you with a beautiful, clean, and organized home or business.

Cater to your Garden in Dignity

We have specialized tools to remove all turfs, dried flowers, twigs, branches in your garden. Our professional team is diligent and highly skilled in their work and will treat your space with dignity ensuring it remains tidy and clean regularly.

Whether you’re looking for garden hard rubbish collection in a large-scale commercial space or a residential home, we are what you are looking for. Our price point is extremely friendly, but our low prices do not mean that the job will not be impeccable.

We are committed to removing your garden hard rubbish efficiently and safely and paying particular attention to how it is disposed of. None of the garden hard rubbish we remove ends up in landfills. We use modern and safe ways to dispose of it appropriately to keep you and your family safe.

For more information about our garden hard rubbish collection services in Melbourne and a free quotation, contact us today! Hard Rubbish 2 Go is your number one choice for all your garden hard rubbish collection needs.

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